We have a job to do, reclaiming our glory
— Marianne Williamson

Imagine that you could be held gently in your own transition and splendid emergence. Because birth is not just about babies; it forges mothers, too. Allow yourself recognize the open-ness of your bones and heart and spirit in these initial 40 days. How are you accompanied through this unknown terrain? How are you honored along the way?

HandsHeld is the sister program to HandsFull Doula. These offerings focus on the rituals that can be used to support the tremendous shift from maiden to mother. These acts of ceremony encompass  gatherings, herbal support, nutritive enrichment, private acts to commemorate significant shifts and events, story telling and physical and traditional ways to bless this liminal time. 


HandsHeld offerings:

Bridge Package

-Mother Blessing

-Handcrafted Herbal goods for the 3rd and 4th trimester

-Closing of the bones

-Return of menses


Healing Package

-Placenta Preparation

-Handcrafted Herbal Goods for the 3rd and 4th trimester

-Closing of the bones


Closing Package

-Sealing the Birth Story

- Belly Binding at 1-2 week

- Closing of the Bones at 6 weeks

- Handcrafted herbal goods to complement the practices



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