Create the postpartum you need and your family deserves


 I believe that thoughtful preparation and emphasis on warm care and support can go a long way to mitigate the stress, discomfort and isolation that many Brooklyn women feel after their baby is born. I want to empower new parents to invest in this time and offer simple tools to help them build a solid start as a family unit. I provide individualized, hands-on care as well as group classes and workshops.

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This beautiful offering is a one time visit of 4 hours of postpartum support at any time in the intense first year. This can be a great way to give a hard working mom a chance to take a deep breath. Many families use this visit as a test-run to see what hands-on postpartum support looks like in their own home with their own particular needs. Other times, this is useful for special days such as when the partner goes back to work or when a sibling will be home all day. Still other families give this as a gift because they cannot be there themselves. What ever your needs and what ever your situation, I will help you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It can be as simple as washing dishes and preparing a healthy dinner or education around baby wearing or holding baby so you can take a hot shower. We cannot give what we do not have. Let me fill your cup so that you can heal and be with your baby more fully. $275


Dive into your postpartum Plan for wellness and support...

Clarity session 

A clarity session with HandsFull doula is a complementary hour long informal conversation designed to answer questions about our services, speak about your hopes for your postpartum time, and get a feel for each other to see if we would be a good match.  Depending on location we can meet in person for tea, skype, or talk over the phone. 

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