Inviting your Dream Postpartum Experience

Sometimes the experience of birth is so big, that we cannot see beyond that singular event. I call it the “Birth Mountain”. Labor is such a huge unknown - totally unlike anything we have ever asked our bodies or souls to endure. Additionally, birth is unpredictable. So, even though you have planned and set intentions, babies enter the world in their own unique  way. Birth looms above us as we walk through the prenatal time and landmarks our life between maiden and mother. Families invest in great resources for this intense climb. All sorts of team building, coping skills, reading, education are chosen with great care. It is no wonder that the postpartum terrain is often a surprise to us.


Very often families just find themselves in postpartum with the mindset of survival. However, postpartum is truly an opportunity to thrive and set your family up with a solid and loving foundation. What do you want your postpartum to look like?


It is often hard to imagine how golden this time can be since we have few traditions or models of investing in healing and bonding for the first 40 days. A simple way to being is to open your heart to see what deep wisdom and healing you hold.


This guided mediation is about 5 minutes long. You can have a loved one read it out loud or you can read through and then sit with the images that come to you.


I invite you to lie down or sit in a way that you are comfortable. You may shift and settle your body during the exercise but please be willing to sit for few quiet minutes if you can.  


Let’s begin with closing our eyes and noticing the breath. In and out. Soften into it, breathing in light and love, and breathing out tension and fear.


Now come into the space. Notice where your body makes contact with the ground. Feel the firmness beneath you. What is the air around you like? Warm? Cool? Notice any noises that surround us. And be here inhabiting your body in this space. Can you imagine the room around you even though your eyes are closed?


Now can you image looking at us from above. Sitting in this room.


Now allow yourself to soar higher and lifting out of this place. Flying above Brooklyn and then New york city. Seeing the city as a bird would from above. And now let yourself fly away from this place - these buildings and streets, the bustle and noise.


Flying in the blue sky. Direct yourself to fly over forests, and rivers, noticing the fresh air and clear colors.

Come for a landing in a safe secluded  place in nature and settle yourself there. This is your palce. The rich and beautiful landscape of your heart. Where have you arrived? At the foot of a big tree? Warm sands of a beach? The dark quiet of a cave? Notice what colors there are? What kinds of sounds live there? What does the ground feel like?  What is the temperature and the smell of the air? Take a moment to feel how safe you are and breath in the peace and beauty of this place that you have found.


As you look around you see a figure approaching. She wears a smile on her face and you recognize her. She is someone important to you in your life who makes you feel cared for. Maybe it’s your grandmother or a family friend or someone else. Allow her to approach and let your heart open to the way that she makes you feel. Linger there. Experience her spirit as she sits close to you. How are you being together? Does she hold your hand? Stroke your hair?  Are you and she laughing or silent or something else? How does your baby react?  


She carries with her a gift for you- it could be an object or a word that she wants you to have. What is it? Receive it and hold it. How has she presented it to you? Examine it closely.  Hold it in your hands.


Stay here. In your landscape, with your safe person, and her tremendous gift.  Breathe in the warmth and beauty you are bathed in. The nourishment and love that surrounds you.


Stay with this feeling for as long as you would like.  When you are ready you may slowly come back to your breath; slow moving of fingers and toes. And finally a big stretch, inhale and exhale.


Spend a couple of minutes in quiet reflection. What did your landscape look like. What details stood out? Who was your person? Why did she come to you- what about her makes you feel so good? What gift did she bring to you? Why?


From here,  you can being to uncover what a your needs and desires around your postpartum. The more you can fill in the details, the more you can create your nest and think about the tools and team you need to achieve this vision.