Placenta medicine


Taking your placenta can enhance your postpartum recovery. Many women report increased energy and smoother hormones with the use of their placenta in the postpartum period. Some mothers report placenta use also aids in boosting milk supply, reducing bleeding and increasing iron levels. 

The most common way to prepare your placenta for consumption is encapsulation. Placenta capsules can be prepared either using the Basic Heated method or the Raw method. 

The Basic Heated method involves steaming the placenta with a small amount of ginger, then dehydrating and grinding into capsules. This is considered warming to the mothers Qi (or vital life force) and is thought to be nourishing and healing to the uterus and bringing strength back to the new mother.

For the Raw method of preparation, the raw placenta is cut into strips then dehydrated and ground into powder for capsules. This preparation technique is thought to give energizing results and is good for hormone stabilization.

Additional placenta preparations include:

Placenta print: An imprint of this amazing organ gown by you to sustain and nourish your baby's inside life. This is a beautiful visual reminder of your Birth Day and is a testament to the deep bond between mother and child. These are either done naturally or with organic food-grade dye. 

Placenta tincture: You tincture is available to give you the same boost and benefits after your capsules are used up (they last 3-6 weeks). Placenta tinctures can smooth rocky hormones, increase milk supply, enhance your energy. It is great to have on hand for the return of your period or weaning or just the very hard days. These tinctures can last to be used for your menopause or for a female child's own menstruation.

Mothers Broth: made with the broth after steaming with the Basic Heated preparation, this is mixed into a quart of homemade bone broth. Bone broth is a traditional postpartum food used to restore strength and warm a recovering mother. The placenta addition makes this an optimal healing beverage for the first week. 

Smoothie ($25)  and Salve ($40) are also available to add onto any package. The smoothie is created using a small piece of raw placenta and blended into a tasty snack. This is great for the first week postpartum to help the milk come in and steady the tide of postpartum hormones that happen around day 3/4. The salve is a wonderful healing "everything" balm made using healing herbs and oils. It can be helpful with diaper rash, cradle cap, cracked nipples and c-section scars.

Typically, I pick-up placentas and prepared them with great love in my own home. However, I do offer the option of an in-home preparation for an additional fee ($50). Sometimes clients feel since the placenta is such personal and unique form of medicine, they prefer it remain in the energy of their own home. 

Placenta services are also an option for families who are interested in creating a HandsFull plan for simplicity and joy in their postpartum. Please let me know if you are interested in a free discovery session where we can investigate your personal postpartum hopes, fears and desires so that you can make your first 40 days a time of wellness and joy for your whole family. 

Nourish package


Single method placenta encapsulation, basic placenta print, placenta tincture, dehydrated cord keepsake. $300

Golden month package


Duel method placenta encapsulation, color placenta print, placenta tincture, Mothers Broth. $350



Nourish package (see above) + Cup Filler. Receive your prepared placenta and book a four hours of nurturing care to augment your postpartum healing process. The placenta will help return nutrients and energy back to your body while a personal postpartum visit will allow you to feel deeply supported in a hands-on way. $500


How I work: please fill in the form below. I will respond with a comprehensive FAQ and a timeline for our work together. We will then find a time to talk in person to answer questions and review the contract. Payment is made in full with the signing of the contract. Your placenta will be picked up with in 48 hours of the birth and will be returned to you in 24 hours. I also include one follow-up in-person visit so we can touch base about your postpartum recovery.  

Please feel free to ask any questions about this enrichment practice!

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